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update by SD card

There is a video tutorial for firmware update by SD card here:

  • rename downloaded sysex file to 'CIRKOS.SYX', copy to SD cards root folder
  • hold SHIFT and step key 1 on boot
  • choose MMC-Card

The file must be named CIRKOS.SYX, in the root folder of the card. That is hard-coded to keep the size of the update code to a minimum.

data loss

When updating the OS, you should always make a backup of your song data. In most cases, the data will survive the update process, but sometimes changes to the internal data format may require the data to be reloaded.

After an OS update, you may see the warning message:

WARNING: bbram state inconsistent
press <SHIFT>

The most common reason for this message to appear is because new configuration values have been added to the battery-backed memory area.
The warning message will be followed by a prompt to Wipe ALL Data
You do not normally need to wipe and restore your data after an OS update.
Just press 'cancel' and continue as normal.
However, under some circumstances (eg. major changes in the internal memory structures) it may be required to delete to old data: just wipe it out and reload the data from backup you`ve done before (see full dump memory backup below).
If there is any problem with the data, there is a further check of the data that should detect it.

bootloader protection

There is no way you can disable your unit with a firmware update. The bootloader is a totally separate program, sitting in the first 32k of the program space. It will only write to the 480k of main code space. If the content of the main code fails a checksum, it will not start it running. So even interrupting the update part way through, or somehow managing to write random nonsense will not prevent you re-writing a correct image.

full dump memory backup

From SONG MODE, press Menu then, if you have an SD-card, hold SHIFT while you press "card SAVE", and the whole contents of memory will be written to a file called FULLDUMP.SYX

memory wipe out

To wipe the memory, keep the SONG key held as you power on, then press the encoders 6 & 8 together to confirm when the wipe memory page appears. Then restore from your normal backup.